Weekend in Review


Over the weekend we spent time in downtown Atlanta as we celebrated our anniversary.  We woke up and ate at Thumbs Up Diner. TUD was one of the greatest breakfasts I’ve ever had.  Literally, I don’t like grits.  But I LOVED the cheese grits at this place.  Weird.

After breakfast we spent the afternoon at Atlanta Botanical Garden where I took the above photo.  In the middle of this insanely busy city, there was the most peaceful property you could imagine.  Certain areas to walk in that had trees that surrounded you like a tunnel.  I have a couple shots from in the middle of the garden you can look out and see the tops of skyscrapers.  What an unusual sight.

In the evening we walked to dinner for some sushi.  Then we walked to the Shakespeare Tavern.  And we watched a play written in 1599 called Much Ado About Nothing.  Even weirder than a massive garden in downtown Atlanta…I really liked the 3 hour play.  And I want to go back next month when they start their next performance.

On Friday night we ate at a placed called Max Lager’s and had one of the most unhealthy meals of all time.  Fried cheesecake brought for dessert by our kind waitress as an anniversary gift.  After dinner we saw Dave Barnes in concert.  He is a great musician, and the way he works a crowd and his insane sense of humor made for quite the concert experience.

We tried some new things this weekend (I’ll never eat collard greens again).  The most enjoyable part was that it was some new, some same things with the person I’ve been experiencing all things with the last 4 years.  And even if we had sat around in our pajamas with colds and watched Grey’s Anatomy/NBA Playoffs all weeeknd…

I’d rather do that with her than any of the “new/fun” things we did downtown in a big city this weekend.

But until we are old/crippled/hospice reliant, every few months we will get away from the pjs and experience some new things with each other.  And we have a lot of new landscape to check out in our 5th year…

One comment

  1. Nicole Beverly · June 6, 2012

    Aw, you sure do have many more years together! Love this! Enjoy your time just being together, in an unfamiliar place, experiencing new things together!

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