Week 1

I wanted to start off with some riveting and inspiring entry.  Something that would make you want to send this to a friend.  Words that you would read and it would move beyond your eyes and into your heart by the 4th paragraph.  As soon as you were done you would pause for a few seconds…and then read it again.

But there was literally too much that happened in week 1 to be very serious about any of it.  So I’ll give you the basic recap:

Saturday the 31st: We pulled out around 4am from Orlando and began the journey to atlanta.  I drove the U-Haul and my cousin, Adam rode shotgun.  The 14 foot truck/van was packed to the brim.  We towed my neon (also filled to the brim).  Brittany and Killer (our 11 year old drugged up dog) rode in the mostly filled Nissan.  My cousin Adam slept the ENTIRE drive.  I had to pull over at one point and ask him to drive because I was about to fall asleep at the wheel.  For Lent this year, the only liquid I’ve had is water to drink.  No coffee or 5 hour energy or anything that could help this.  We got off an exit and it happened to be the 1 exit that didn’t have a gas station or even a 4 way stop sign intersection for 5 miles to turn around in.  He drove about 2 hours and then told me, “You need to drive cuz.  I’m endangering both of us and I’m about to fall asleep.”

We arrived at noon.  Ate lunch at a place called Twisted Taco.  It was good.  We got back from lunch to find that our dog had ripped a few of the blinds up, probably thinking we’d left him for good.  Moving guys arrived shortly after the fact.  It was worth the money spent to hire them.  3 guys unloaded the entire truck.  And helped get started on furniture assembly.

That night Brittany’s cousin, also named Adam, and his wife Leslie brought us pizza and helped us with some more furniture.  They moved to an area about 30 minutes south of us just a couple of months ago.

Sun:  Adam and Brittany both felt bad physically.  Most likely their bodies were reacting to the massive change that was taking place in all of our lives (moving out of state….unsure of the future).  Brittany said she didn’t have any mental anxiety about the move, but felt like her body was another story.  We slept in super late and went to the 12:45pm church service.  I’ll write about the church another time.  But this service the pastor was speaking out of the sermon on the mount.  Specifically, “you are the light of the world. you are the salt of the earth. you are like a city placed on a hill for all to see.”  In reference to being “placed” on a hill he said this, “Maybe you just moved here from Orlando, and you think that it is all kind of just random that you ended up here.  But God has specifically placed you here…and it isn’t random at all.”

It was a liiiiiitle strange.  In a good way.

Sunday evening we took Adam out to dinner at a place called Taco Mac.  We watched a Magic game on tv.  Adam opened up to Brittany and me about a lot of personal things from his life the last couple of years.

Mon: One of those days that you will never forget.  I’ll write more about it later.  We took Adam to No Longer Bound.  We sat with him and were asked to not speak during the interview process.  Adam was accepted into this recovery program that is a minimum of 10 months.  Again, I’ll write more about it some other time.  But this was a day  I will never forget.

The first few days were spent unpacking, hanging shelves/frames/clocks on the walls, making trips to starbucks for internet.

Brittany’s first day of work at her new job was Wednesday.  She trained with another SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) named Larissa.  On Thursday she trained with a different SLP, Jori.  And then Friday was her first day on her own.  She works for Building Bridges Therapy, a private practice that specifically focuses on children.  Marla, her boss, gave her quite a bit of new supplies for therapy for free (very big deal).  Brittany is great with kids.  She can set her own schedule at this job.  Her boss is awesome.  Dream job.  She will be doing home health (visiting children in their homes) in the mornings and then working out of the office in the afternoons.

We finally got internet on Friday.  Which meant we started our free trial of Hulu Plus.  We are almost done with ALL of the episodes of The New Girl.  Seriously funny.  And the show Touch.  Solid show so far.

Saturday we watched about 10 episodes of The New Girl.  Then we used giftcards to eat at Bahama Breeze for dinner.  Somehow neither of us had ever been to that place.  It was pretty great.

After dinner we drove to Stone Mountain and met up with one of Brittany’s friends from high school, Katie, and her boyfriend and watched a pretty cool laser 3D show on the side of this massive mountain made from stone.  Massive fireworks included.  And it only cost to park $10.

I promise the next post will be more interesting.  Just so exhausted physically and emotionally from the week.


  1. BJ Burnside · April 9, 2012

    THANKS for including ME on your facebook friends. I enjoyed reading all the “details”
    of your journey to Atlanta! I like details about people I love & you & Brittany are two of
    those people!

    Have a great week…pray for you every day…

    Love, Grandma BJ

  2. Darla · April 9, 2012

    Love your blogs and really love you and your precious wife!

  3. Bobbie Stsrickland (Grandmama) · April 9, 2012

    I am so proud of both of you. It is very evident that you love the Lord and each other with all your hearts. I have always and wil always pray for you every day. I know God has some very special things planned for you in this new phase of your life.
    I love you very muchl,

  4. Brittany · April 14, 2013

    And now you work at that place called Taco Mac.

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